About Christine

  • 2005 Graduate of the Seattle Central Creative Academy commercial photography program
  • Top 5 in 2005 Glazers Camera Portfolio Award

From the Photographer

christine I grew up loving photos.  I’m not sure if it came from my art gene, or my sentimental gene. Probably both.  My earliest memories involve me looking at our family albums, and the framed photos on my dad’s desk, and on our walls.  My dad, a talented hobby photographer, took so many photographs of himself and my mother through their years together.  He has photographs from their first date, and every date there after (often times with the both of them together sitting at the table as if the camera was voyeuristically snapping away.)  He sure loved his tripod and timer, which I finally came to realize was his m.o.  There is even a picture of him in the hallway to my mother’s apartment when he was surprising her with the news that he had moved to the same town to be closer to her.  He has their proposal, wedding, births of us kids, the time he grew a mustache, and that hideous nightgown he bought my mom as a joke on her 40th birthday.  You name it.  I felt like I was there the entire time — seeing it unfold before me.  I got to see their love story unfold, and unfold into their LIFE story.  The best part is he had such an amazing collection of everyday photographs (things you wouldn’t think to take a picture of) to perfectly composed, lit, and intrinsically beautiful pieces of art photography.  And that’s where it started for me.  Fascination turned into hobby, and hobby turned into two years of full immersion at a top rated photography school, and school turned into my career.

I want to help you create your own story.  I won’t come with props and I won’t try to orchestrate something phony.  But what I will do is know when to photograph that particular expression, or the curls in your baby’s hair before they disappear, or that silent glance that somehow still seems to speak a thousand words, and those summer evenings sitting on your front porch drinking lemonade with your family.  And I will do it in a way that will show the rest of the world what an amazing story yours is.

christine-family I know that with the developments of digital photography, filters, and computer programs, so many people claim to be photographers.  There are so many websites out there to sift through and determine whether or not they are the right photographer for you.  “Does their style meet my vision?”  “Is the quality and quantity of their work consistent?”  “Will our personalities mesh well together?”   “Will his/her work be a re-canned version of every other wedding they have photographed?”  “Will it fit my budget?”

With a tough economy, and people saving their dollars, I still want to make sure you hire the professionally trained photographer that you love. I don’t want you to hire me only because I fit your budget.  I want you to hire me because you love my work, and you know that I will try my hardest to photograph your life in a way that when you look back upon it, you can smile, laugh, or maybe even cry (happy tears!)

Little Tidbits About Me

christine-husband I have been married to my blind-date sweetheart since 2005!  We had a very small wedding (26 people, in fact.  Including us!)  I am originally from Sweden, speak two languages, am obsessed with mid-century modern design, have a stellar music collection, quote movie lines like a champion, eat food with gusto, love having my hair cut short, will find any reason to swim or dance, and will consider you my friend from the moment we meet.  Some people think I look (and act) like Molly Shannon.

I have two sons under the age of 5 who were both born at home.  I have a passion and respect for the birth process and had I not been a photographer I would have been a doula (or architect, or one of those people who pick music for movies and commercials).  I love being a mother, and in all things am beyond BLESSED!  I’d love to learn more about YOU as we work together.

Education & Biography:

I have worked as a professional photographer shooting weddings, portraiture, and concert photography since 1999. My visual instincts and self-taught techniques allow me to gain immediate connection with my clients. However, I was not satisfied with merely keeping my work at a maintenance level. In order to really bloom as a photographer, I also needed to further my technical skills.  I spent two years at one of the five highest ranked commercial photography programs in the United States- Seattle Central Creative Academy, which Time Magazine hailed as “School of the Year” and graduated with a top-notch education from award winning teachers who had personally worked with the likes of Ansel Adams, the White House, high end fashion and product photography, and world renowned photojournalism and undercover exposes. This meticulous and scrutinizing academic immersion in photography also meant grueling schedules- often spending eight to twelve hours a day developing photos in the darkroom, and learning techniques, lighting, and composition.

Upon graduation, I was awarded one of the coveted winning spots in the annual Glazers Camera Portfolio Award for 2005. My time at Seattle Central’s commercial photography program sharpened my skills, and gave me an advantageous edge in the portraiture and commercial field.

With this kind of experience and skill under my belt, I am eager to work on a variety of projects. People like my approachable and quirky personality, but I don’t skimp on professionalism. My preference is to photograph real life as it happens, and not a trendy interpretation.  Mostly I want to be the photographer that notices the things that might otherwise slip by you.