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My best friend talked me into doing maternity photos because while I was thrilled to be pregnant, I was not one of those women who took well to it. I was constantly uncomfortable and achy, and I felt enormous just 3 months in…the last thing I needed was pictures documenting it all (or so I thought). But I’m so glad I chose to do this! Christine loves everything about babies and pregnancy, and is so knowledgeable about the whole process that it makes the session with her valuable on multiple levels. Most of all, it is her approach–her bedside manner of listening and celebrating and encouraging–that makes her photos strong, because there is nothing in them that is contrived. She has a magic to her; she draws out and celebrates the moment before you recognize it–and then gives it to you in a photo to have forever.

I went into it this photo session with reluctance because of my own body issues; I walked away feeling beautiful, having a new-found appreciation for my pregnant body, and gorgeous photos that already have me missing being pregnant. Plus, my husband loves them! Christine’s work speaks for itself–tasteful maternity photos that capture the beautiful facets of this unique season of life, one worth every photo.

–and then came baby–

Christine came to our home and took the most precious photos of our newborn baby boy. Her work perfectly captured his newborn sweetness, and all without the gimmicky stuff—just her natural style and fresh approach. And being a new mom, I didn’t even know that I wanted some of the pictures that she just knew to take—those close ups of his tiny toes, baby fuzz and perfect ears! And while she came with lots of great ideas, she was also open to our ideas and super easy to work with. She left us with exactly what we wanted–timeless pictures that really represent our little one and the special newborn season.

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